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Salem Spirit Seekers is a Paranormal group founded by Kelly Spangler and based out of Salem Massachusetts. Their goal is to help those in need of paranormal assistance.

S.S.S. never charges for their services and always follows up with clients after the case has concluded. House Blessings are also part of S.S.S. and this service is also free of charge. SSS believes in less technology than most groups. S.S.S have Spirit Mediums on our team to help "feel" the location out .

SSS uses video cameras, digital cameras and Digital Voice Recorders on all investigations. Simple tools like emf detectors, Mel Meters K2 meters and compasses are also used during investigations. This is to rule out interference.

SSS likes to debunk as much as possible. SSS always go into the investigation with an open mind and respect for those allowing us in their homes/buildings. Please contact SSS when you're in the need of Paranormal Services.

We no longer have an "Official Website". Please email on this site for any services needed. Or go to our Facebook "Like" page.

This Service is FREE of Charge!

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